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Philip R. Settles, President and CEO


Philip is a Texas native that developed his understanding of doing more with less from one of the world’s greatest business leaders, Samuel Moore Walton. Contributing to the phenomenal growth of the world’s largest retailer, his analytical business style promotes problem solving, discipline and accountability. A long time supporter of Jack Welch’s management style, he understands the value of empowering personnel to do a job and then holding them accountable for the results.

Philip believes business environments have shifted and forced the consolidation of management roles and responsibilities in such a way that many leaders have lost the ability to connect with the frontline forces of their organizations. This has impacted management’s ability to see day to day operations at a granular level. The multi-million dollar business process improvement industry has emerged to claim credit for capturing low hanging fruit that should’ve been captured by the business’ leadership team.

Philip’s hands on experience comes from serving in a variety of management and consulting roles including; Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, Sr Director of various companies located all over the world supporting a client base that includes well known brands; Wal-Mart, Dolgen, Travelport, United Airlines, American Airlines, Orbitz, Autotrader, Superpages, KLM, along with dozens of dot com organizations located across the globe.

Jason B. Thompson, Managing Partner and COO


Jason B. Thompson combines decades of banking experience with an internal drive for process improvement. Jason is a proven catalyst for generating business success aligned with corporate strategy. His rich experience is drawn from creating management leadership development programs, successful operational turnarounds, and organizational change management programs.. Jason is no stranger to architecting high performing teams that maximize operational improvements and drive efficiency. From 50 to 30,000 employees he understands how to leverage gained efficiencies that enhance revenue at every level.

Jason has demonstrated operational expertise in the areas of, Risk and compliance management, Fraud, Security, Business development, Legislative affairs, Military relations, Real estate acquisition, Brick and mortar operations, Disaster recovery, and Sales and Service. He executes corporate goals across all levels of an organization through employee ‘buy-in’, as he targets emerging technology, process improvements and procedure to support the business model. He has a solid track record of delivering results that maximize human capital, decrease employee turnover, solidify cost containment and enhance team performance

Lou Arthur, IT Architecture, Engineering and Operations Partner


Lou brings to bear a quarter century of industry experience. His philosophy is to drive customer/mission centered, service oriented operational models based on systems architecture and engineering approach, that has consistently delivered business value. Lou’s strategic approach to business focused operations demonstrates how effective leadership can impact the business spectrum in the areas of software development, infrastructure engineering and technology operations.

Lou brings to engagements global business experience in operations and infrastructure engineering, design and implementation. Having served in leadership roles that include; Vice President, Sr. Director, and Sr. Engineer for such well known name brands as; Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Travelport, Galileo, and The US Air Force. Lou has demonstrated that agility can be achieved by good collaboration and execution. His common sense, simplistic approach, to solving business problems has generated significant decreases in operational expenses, performance and availability improvements, and earned him recognition from business peers, clients and vendors

Ann Marie Frink, Infrastructure Project Discipline Partner


Ann-Marie Frink is an information technology industry expert, with 2 decades of worldwide experience leading strategic projects and initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, including: Motorola, Aetna, Cigna, and IBM. Her ability to successfully deliver first implementation projects across industry spectrums for global deployment is unmatched. Year on year, Amy is a top tier performer, leading successful program initiatives of corporation integration and platform migrations for industry leaders including the likes of Travelport, Galileo, Worldspan, IBM Global Services, UAL.com, Deloitte and Touche, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF-French Rail and United Airlines.

Recently Amy spearheaded a shared travel platform (SOA) web services migration project leading technical teams across multiple global companies, to complete a successful migration to a multi-million daily transaction open system platform. Her collaborative approach and cross-cultural knowledge has led to delivering 100% migration success rates for multiple, simultaneous, international platforms. Her vast area of expertise covers corporate strategy and integration, mutual fund reporting, international product and program development, original program design, software and product development, and platform migration.

Michael Rich, Logistics and Distribution Partner


Michael has more than three decades Industry and Consulting experience driving global supply chain direction, priorities, initiatives and performance including strategic partnering and global commodity sourcing. Has developed and executed offshore strategic sourcing and manufacturing plans and managed China joint venture operations. In this capacity Michael has executed and managed supply chain solutions designed to improve flexibility while reducing material liability exposure and profit improvement.

Michael has documented success in building and leading multi-million dollar global manufacturing organizations. His expertise in supply chain rationalization, cycle time improvement, spend analytics and category management, organizational strategies and transformation are catalyst for driving operational excellence. Michael is considered an expert in the areas of; global strategic sourcing, procurement transformation, supply chain and operations improvement. Engagements include clients in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, China and Singapore.

Jon Bingham, Marketing and Advertising Partner


Over the past two decades Jon has generated nearly $300 million in sales and revenue for his clients and partners with proven marketing and advertising strategies. His unique insight, systemized marketing strategies, automated business processes have proven effective for any size business, within any profession, in any industry.

Jon has trained, counseled and coached over 1,200 companies. He has personally led workshops, seminars, and webinars for more than 10,000 businesses across the country. His resume comprises nationally recognized brands including; Hilton, Toyota, Prudential, Caldwell Banker, and countless others. He is a student of the Socratic Method and its critical thinking principles are at the core of Jon’s sales and marketing process automation strategies.

Charles Preston, Marketing and Advertising Partner


For over 12 years Charles has helped hundreds of businesses increase market share and lower lead generation costs by leveraging his expert understanding of search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Charles has consistently delivered successful internet marketing strategies for both Fortune 500 companies as well as small mom & pop businesses across every major industry, via search engine optimization, social media and pay-per-click technologies

Melody Lacey, Software Application Project Discipline Partner


Melody brings more than a decade of corporate Program and Project Management experience within various industries, including Aviation, Manufacturing, Government/Military, Online Marketing, Information Technology, and Construction. Melody has a demonstrated track record of executing strategic program management across industries and successfully leading cross-functional teams. Her experience is drawn from a list of well known US corporations including; Boeing, Manheim, Pratt & Whitney, AutoTrader.com, and Sikorsky.

Melody ‘s expertise includes training and process improvements, standardized technical documentation programs, purchase agreement negotiations, quality tracking and streamlining for corporate wide and outsourcing implementation. Her background in mechanical engineering and finance supports her methodical and analytical approach to strategic business analysis and program management.

Jim Fucillo, Program Management Partner


Jim brings to every engagement a solid track record of success in software delivery, systems engineering, quality assurance, and enterprise project management. His experience is drawn from holding senior leadership positions with globally operating companies. Jim has developed a practical approach that helps him quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact critical projects. His four pronged approach encapsulates the following key components:

  • Systems Engineering –identifying and resolving engineering issues early in a project’s life
  • Quality Assurance – creating and executing sensible quality assurance programs
  • Corporate Project Portfolio – building a balanced approach to solve project prioritization, resource conflicts, and technology hurdles
  • Enterprise Project Management Office – acquiring and delivering critical project information to senior decision makers

Jim has led support staff and processes for some of the world’s largest organizations –such as: The Department of Defense, US Air Force, Orbitz, Travelport, Cheaptickets, and numerous other online brands.


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